the sex (thesexpert) wrote,
the sex

1. Total amount of music files on your computer?
somewhere over 1,500.  they are spread out in different folders.

2. The last CD you bought was...
Don't even remember, I download everything.

3. What was the last song you listened to before reading this message?
The Blood Brothers - Trash Flavored Trash

4. Write down five songs [you often listen to or] that mean a lot to you.

1. The Blood Brothers - Trash Flavored Trash
2. The Mars Volta - Eriatarka
3. Comeback Kid - Wake The Dead
4. Thrice - The Artist in the Ambulance
5. Immortal Technique - Dance With The Devil

5. What 3 people are you going to pass this baton to and why?

1- I'm a girl
2- I'm a boy
3- I like rain
4- I am a good dancer
5- I wear tank tops
6- I like thongs
7- I watch cartoons
8- I've watched Nick Jr. well into my teens
9- I spend too much time online
10- I have a collection of something
11- I have too many clothes
12- I can't control myself
13- I have been in love
14- I prefer construction paper over regular printer paper
15- I have a coloring book
16- I've been in a different country other than my own
17- I pretend to know things I don't
18- I am often sick
19- I complain too much
20- My life isn't as bad as I like to say it is
21- Someone likes me
22- I wish I weren't so stupid
23- I think I need to talk to someone about my problems
24- I don't treat my friends as well as I should(some of them)
25- I have skipped school before
26- I can stand on my toes
27- I can do the full macarena
28- Tongue-twisters are easy to say
29- I listen to 80s music
30- I have too many secrets to count
31- I try to be as honest with people as much as possible
32- I'd be better off without my parent(s)
33- I have more than one life-changing regret
34- I want to live to be over 100
35- I like to party hard
36- I listen to heavy metal
37- I sometimes stereotype people even though I say I hate labels
38- I'm artsy and 99% original
39- My nose is stuffy right now
40- I wish the weather would be warmer
41- I've frollicked on a beach
42- I once updated my journal more than 5 times in a day
43- I have more than one messaging program
44- I think South Park is the best show ever
45- I love Johnny Depp
46- If I see a penny, I always pick it up
47- I watch Disney movies regularly
48- Peter Pan has the right idea
49- I have a special cup that nobody can use but me
50- I'm territorial
51- Even if I believe in non-violence, I will fight for what I believe in

52- I have a new computer
53- My boy/girlfriend doesn't treat me as well as they should
54- I try to be a good person to everyone
55- I am rude
56- I snore and/or sleep talk
57- I over-eat when I am too stressed out
58- I take a lot of pics of myself then delete them because I think I'm ugly
59- I have a bad self-image
60- I think I'm fat
61- I'm waiting for someone to get online right now
62- I want to paint my room a different color
63- I have an interest in designing things
64- I'm a follower, not a leader
65 - I watch Comedy Central like there's no tomorrow
66- I am in love right now
67- I underestimate what my parents probably know about me
68- I take people for granted
69- I listen to music all the time
70- I'm a huge nerd
71- I know the real definition to the word 'dork'
72- I'm not as charitable as I could & should be
73- I change or update my profile(s) regularly
74- I am a member to 5+ web-sites
75- I like to play neopets daily
76- I know someone that needs help, but I don't try to help them
77- I've dipped my head under water to hold my breath to see what 'drowning' feels like
78- I have a step-family
79- I've thought about dying before
80- I didn't have many friends when I was growing up
81- I comment on my friends journals
82- I watch the news
83- I'm into politics
84- I do my homework regularly
85- I have a cell-phone
86- I'm not shy around friends
87- I have three blankets on my bed that are all different colors
88- I think my house/appartment smells weird
89- I am two-faced around certain people
90- I bite my nails sometimes
91- I watch Lord of the Rings at least once a week (
92- I think some of my friends are total nerds (And I love them for it.)agreed.
93- I've attended a Cosplay
94- I've given or received oral sex
95- I think stickers are the coolest
96- I like to correspond with people through actual letters & packages
97- I think hugs are the greatest show of affection
98- I sometimes don't wash my hands after I use the potty.
99- I have tried my hand at acting

100- I made a positive difference in someone else's life
101- I'm generous
102- My heart has been broken
103- I have been in a long term relationship
104- My friends barely know how I feel
105- I have a car
106- I've run up a phone bill
107- I watch the Surreal Life
108- I have an optimouse
109- My internet is too slow for my needs
110- I love to eat chocolate
111- My biggest fear is being alone
112- I have a best friend who knows me 100%
113- I like the band Coldplay
114- I am not a virgin
115- I find everyone attractive in their own way
116- I have been in a long distance relationship
117- I look for the good in people
118- I'm usually fun to be around
119- I cry at least once a week
120- I have stuffed animals
121- I don't have cable
122- I have a pessimistic outlook on life
123- I clean my ears
124- I like to work out
125- I don't like to complain
126- I've been cheated on
127- I've cheated on someone
128- I've helped someone else cheat on someone
129- I eat spinach
130- I enjoy anal sex
131- I have/used to have braces

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